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Hello all,

In honor of the recent release of the PDF version of the Upper School newspaper, The Campitor, I thought I share a shot of the very first CA student newspaper. Like many things “back in the day” at Cary Academy – it didn’t have a name yet.

Some of the items in that first issue from 1997:

  • Coverage of the first Handshake Ceremony (I’ll send a shout out tomorrow to the first student who emails me with the name of the faculty member pictured above). 
  • A story about the many visitors who stopped by CA in those first few months, including a US Senator.
  • A movie review about Steel, staring Shaquille O’Neal.
  • A story about “virtual pets” that you carry around on your keychain.
  • A compilation of fun things to do around the Triangle, like go to Crabtree Valley Mall or Jellybeans.
  • A contest to name the newspaper. (Any attentive Charger know what name won?)

One quick update before you jump into your classwork today:

If you have a library book and you are worried about it being late, Mr. Pugsley shared that there are no “late penalties.” Keep your books for now, no worries.

Have a great day, Chargers!

Dr. Ehrhardt